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icoi-logoThe Maryland Center for Complete Dentistry in Owings Mills, MD is home to a team of dental professionals in oral implantology. Led by Dr. Jonathan Silverman, we offer advanced treatment for tooth replacement including all types of dental implants. Dr. Silverman is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and has dedicated many hours to post graduate training in all aspects of placing dental implants.

Dr. Silverman will work with you on an individual basis to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants and help you choose the most appropriate tooth replacement treatment option for your unique oral health needs.

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If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Silverman for dental implants in his Owings Mills, MD, Hunt Valley, MD and Baltimore, MD area dentist office. The Maryland Center for Complete Dentistry is located in Owings Mills, MD and serves patients in many surrounding communities including Eldersburg, Pikesville, Reisterstown, Glyndon and the Greenspring Valley area.

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The Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants baltimore mdThere are several key benefits of implants to consider when choosing a tooth replacement treatment:

  • Reduces bone loss and shrinkage in the jaw bone
  • Allows a varied, healthy diet without restriction
  • Enables normal speech
  • No need for daily maintenance and adhesives
  • No fear of your teeth “falling out”

Dental implants have an over 95% success rate among current patients and can give you back a stable, naturally functioning smile.

About Dental Implants

While all dental implants function in the same manner, there are different ways to use them when replacing one or more teeth. Depending on whether they are replacing a single tooth or securing a denture, dental implants can vary in size and be attached to dental crowns, bridges and cosmetic hybrid dentures.

  • Single tooth implants: used to replace one lost or missing tooth, a single tooth implants has three main parts: a post, an abutment and a dental crown.
  • Multiple tooth dental implants: dental implants can be used to secure a dental bridge for a permanent restoration that is attached to the implanted post.
  • Implant secured dentures: strategically placed dental implants are used to permanently secure your cosmetic denture.

About the Dental Implant Process

Dr. Silverman can perform all phases of your dental implant procedure in the comfort of our state of the art Owings Mills dentist office. This makes your treatment both consistent and convenient.

The implant process has three key phases:

  • Implantation: the first step is the surgical implantation of the tiny titanium post into your jaw bone. Dr. Silverman offers sedation dentistry to make you comfortable during this part of the process.
  • Osseointegration: this is the time needed for healing, during which the post integrates with the existing bone to ensure a healthy and stable result.
  • Final restoration: once all the soft tissues have healed, Dr. Silverman will place your final restoration which could be a dental crown, dental bridge or denture.