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Dental Fillings An Overview

Chances are, you will receive a dental filling at some point in your life to address either tooth decay or minor tooth damage. A dental filling is one of the most common dental treatments performed in our Baltimore dental office, but it can serve a very important purpose in the maintenance of a lasting smile.

Dr. Silverman only uses the finest, strongest and most beautiful material to restore teeth. That is Dental Composite Resin. Dr. Silverman himself had some of the earliest composite fillings. He has seen this technology progress over the years. And now composite has become the premier filling material for all small and medium cavities.

In most cases Dr. Silverman will recommend placing a composite resin, or “white” filling. Made to blend with your natural smile, a composite filling is durable and lasting. We can also replace old, dark fillings with white fillings for an instant smile makeover.

“Well bonded composite fillings, for both front and back teeth are the best solution for repair of small to medium cavities.” Dr. Jonathan Silverman

Dental Fillings What to Expect

The dental filling process is typically completed during a single visit to our Owings Mills dentist office with the use of a local anesthetic for your comfort. Most dental fillings are quick and cause minimal discomfort for patients.

Dr. Silverman will begin the process by numbing the area, then removing the decayed part of the tooth to be treated. A color matched composite resin will be placed on the tooth and sculpted for a natural look and comfortable smile. The resin will be sealed and polished for a lasting result.


For larger areas to be treated or when replacing old or damaged fillings, inlays and onlays are often recommended for the best result. Also known as “partial crowns”, these restorations may require a couple of visits to our Owings Mills dentist office. Using high quality materials, Dr. Silverman will restore your tooth and prevent future damage or even loss.

When fillings need to be replaced, or the damage to the natural tooth is too extensive for composite fillings, there are excellent material choices available today to save a tooth. Dental ceramics provide excellent color matching, as well as depth of color to make a repaired tooth look better than the original. This is not your father’s metal fillings.

The success of dental ceramics extends from the ability of bonded composite resin to be made into a thin film that seals the teeth and adheres the ceramic to the tooth at the same level that the tooth itself is held together. The strength and wear-resistance of ceramics make them an ideal replacement for tooth structure. Combine that with the excellent long-term seal of composite cement and you have really solved the problem of repairing tooth damage.

Dr. Jonathan Silverman

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