Root Canal Owings Mills, MD

Root Canal An Overview

A root canal is an important treatment option, saving a natural tooth in the case of severe damage or decay and avoiding extraction. Dr. Silverman performs root canals at the Maryland Center for Complete Dentistry whenever possible to maintain the integrity of your smile.

The many advances in techniques and materials have made the root canal an easier and more effective procedure. In most cases, it causes no more discomfort than a dental filling.

To strengthen the treated tooth, Dr. Silverman often recommends the placement of a dental crown after the root canal. This can ensure that the tooth can support neighboring teeth, the pressures of chewing and your overall long term oral health.

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Dr. Silverman and his staff are AWESOME! They are so kind, accommodating, experts at their field and customer service oriented. I would highly recommend them!Antoine W.
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Root Canal What to Expect

Dr. Silverman will numb the area and apply a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the root canal process. He will begin by making a tiny hole in the back of the affected tooth and removing the infected pulp. This often provides immediate relief from the pain and pressure of an infection in the tooth.

The next step is to clean the interior of the tooth and fill it with a biocompatible material to prevent future decay. The tooth will be sealed and a dental crown placed of necessary.

The root canal procedure requires one or two visits to our Owings Mills dentist office, depending on the complexity of the case and placement of a dental crown.