Owings Mills Dentist Office Technology

Dr. Jonathan Silverman has incorporated advanced technology into the Maryland Center for Complete Dentistry to enhance your patient experience and the results form your dentistry. Technology can enable our team to provide you with dental care that is more accurate, less painful and long lasting.

iTero Digital Impressions

The iTero digital scanner enables Dr. Silverman to take impressions of your teeth without messy impression trays and sticky goop. High resolution images sent to the computer allow for more accurate treatment planning.

Soft Tissue Laser

Dental lasers have transformed periodontal treatments for both oral health and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Silverman can reshape your gums, remove diseased tissue and stimulate your natural healing process with a soft tissue laser.

Nitrous Oxide

Sedation dentistry can help anxious patients receive the dentistry they need while feeling completely relaxed and pain free. Nitrous oxide wears off immediately, making it possible for patients to drive themselves to and from their appointment.

Propel for Orthodontics

Propel can reduce your orthodontic treatment time up to 50% and is compatible with Invisalign. It speeds up your body’s bone remodeling process to enable your teeth to reposition themselves faster.

Digital Dental X-rays

Digital x-rays significantly reduce your radiation exposure, in addition to providing accurate, high resolution images for use in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Advanced Materials

Only the best materials make the grade for patient use in the Maryland Center for Complete Dentistry. We continually survey the professional dental marketplace to find not just the newest technology, but only the very best to bring to our patients. We want to only provide the best and most durable solutions for our patients, and not just the latest fad. By carefully researching all available technologies we can be sure that we consistently provide the very best of services that give you the best value for you dental treatment dollar.