Get Screened For Oral Cancer in Baltimore, MD

Oral Cancer Baltimore MD At The Maryland Center for Complete Dentistry, family dentist Dr. Jonathan Silverman offers routine oral cancer screenings during your preventive care visit. Getting screened for oral cancer can increase your chance of early diagnosis. Oral cancer is usually hard to spot because most symptoms don’t occur until the later stages. Visiting an experienced dentist who is trained in spotting early signs of oral cancer may help save your life or someone you love.

With over 30 years of dentistry experienced, Dr. Silverman is a pioneer in the dentistry field. Dr. Silverman is uniquely equipped to identify and treats a wide range of dental concerns. We encourage our patients to gist our Baltimore, MD dental office biannually to receive routine screenings for complex dental problems and a comprehensive exam. If oral cancer is suspected, Dr. Silverman will coordinate the next steps in your process. If you need to schedule an oral cancer screening, contact our Baltimore, MD dental office.

Oral Cancer Screening

The goal of an oral cancer screening is to identify any early signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Not because it is difficult to treat, but because it is often identified in the most advanced stages which vastly limits the types of treatment options available.

During your preventive care visit, Dr. Silverman will perform an examination of the mouth, gums, tongue, throat, tonsils, and soft tissues. If you are at high risk for oral cancer to due factors like family history, age, HPV exposure, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking or tobacco use, it is imperative that you get oral cancer screenings regularly.  Even if you are not at high risk for developing oral cancer, receiving regular screenings is still beneficial. If Dr. Silverman deems that further testing is necessary, he will work with you to find the right specialist for your needs.

Don’t wait to schedule an oral cancer screening. Visit our Baltimore, MD dental office for the care you need.